I’m just guy from a small town who was blessed with the ability to see things a little different from the norm. I’ve had an unconventional journey in life. I like to share this in my work. But also I share the struggles of mental illness and addiction. My goal is to enlighten the world with my philosophy on life and how God plays an ever present role in our everyday lives. I can’t forget to mention my art. I use my illustrations to help bring a visual understanding to my writing and give the reader something more to ponder. Please join me as I continue my journey through life and I share my thoughts, knowledge, and new publications here in my blog. I love to hear what others think so feel free to leave a comment. My belief is one of anything is not enough of anything for anyone to have an opinion of anything. Proper opinions are only properly come to with 3 or more opinions, experiences, or whatever it maybe. Enjoy.